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Get set for what’s next - Here’s what you need to know


Stu Harris
Chief Scientist and Founder

Once a year our software and test engineers come together to share what matters in tech and how we apply it for our clients. The result is this Red Badger TechLab_Report19 which aims to help you confidently get set for what's next.

This report is inspired by our commitment to making things better. Everything you’ll read here comes directly from our people and was written based on first-hand experience. We hope our words will point you towards something useful that will change your (work) life and help you drive meaningful change in your organisation.

As we all get stuck into 2019, it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on last year. History will mark 2018 as the beginning of the mass adoption of Kubernetes container orchestration. Why is this significant? Kubernetes is a game changer. It’s the product of an immense collaboration between developers and operations (DevOps). It embodies all the principles we talk about in this report, enabling us to move faster than we ever did. As a result, we can now measure the time it takes for a software update to get from a developer’s hands to a user’s hands in seconds – even at web-scale. This is True Agile.

So, what will 2019 be known for? Service mesh. When we add service mesh (e.g. Istio) into the equation we have a new standard platform for distributed microservice applications – one that’s taking over the world. Imagine this platform as a homogeneous substrate, onto which you can declaratively deploy any containerised workload. It looks exactly the same everywhere: in any cloud, on-premise, or hybrid. It will take care of all your cross-cutting concerns and non-functional requirements. Think scaling, healing, security, resilience, reliability, and observability, to name a few. Most importantly, it allows you to concentrate on the value you want to add. It takes care of your tricky, sticky tech challenges, freeing you up to focus on your core business logic and, most importantly, your customers.

Change is a constant, and its pace is accelerating. But when you’re equipped with the right knowledge, insights, and solutions, you’re set up for success and can enjoy the ride.

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